From Puck Drop to Lights Out: Maximizing Your Red Wings Game Day in Detroit

Published Oct. 23, 2023, 2:04 p.m. by Jletz14

Detroit Red Wings Background and History

For those who have never had a taste of the thrill on ice, witnessing how the Detroit Red Wings play at the Little Caesars Arena is one experience that cannot be compared with any other. To ensure that you take with great memories; this complete handbook explores everything about your experience starting from the past history of the Detroit and ending up at the end time when you celebrate a good game in one of Detroit city’s pubs. Steeped in History The Red Wings: Red Wings have been one of the original six NHL team and the organization has existed since 1926. The team has won 11 Stanley Cups, produced heroes such as Gordie Howe and Steve Yzerman, and generated an unmatched level of loyalty among fans.Learn more about the Detroit Red Wings' history. If you want to see the current roster and who are the stars, check out our advanced player ratings. 


Little Caesars Arena

That is why since it opened in 2017 little caesars arena have set a new bar in sport industry and played major role in city revival of the detroit. It is also an arena that is home for both Red Wings as well as the Detroit Piston of the NBA, where many other big concerts and events take place when there are no other sports events. Securing Your Seat It is easy to purchase the tickets through the Little Caesars Arena ticket booth, or through the Red Wings’ official website. Sold-out game? No problem! Your best bets are StubHub and Ticketmaster Exchange, reputable reseller sites. They offer economical skybox tickets to fans wishing to sit on top of the game action. Furthermore, for those seeking an indoor VIP experience sitting next to the ice, such tickets are available. Please note, no re-entry is allowed in the arena. Watch for weekend deals that include both lodging and game tickets – particularly in case of important games or playoffs. Immersive Arena Experience They advise that you make it 60 – 90 minutes prior getting into the mood for the pre-match excitement, watching the team’s preparation for playing and involving yourself with fan competitions. Make sure you do not carry any item that would be considered as a restriction by the arena’s policies beforehand in order to have hassle-free entry. On game days, general tours of Little Caesars Arena are not available; however, one can book it in advance and have a thrilling tour behind the scenes. There will be kid zones, mascot meetings and community days for young fans. Do not fail to buy yourself something souvenir from authentic Red Wings products! When autograph sessions do take place people like them; make sure you go there in time. It boasts of having friendly environment that caters for people with disabilities in a manner that ensures a good time experience even to those with impairment. Check out upcoming events. 

Detroit's Culinary Scene

Detroit’s rich history also reflects in its culinary landscape which is just as vibrant and diverse. Detroit has many different kinds of restaurants, starting with five star establishments and ending with historical spots where visitors may try out various cuisines originating in the numerous ethnic backgrounds represented within the big city.

Top Five Must-Visit Eateries in Detroit

  • Slows Bar BQ: Slows bar BQ is well known as a paradise for barbecue lovers due to tenderly barbecued meat dishes it serves. However, it is not merely a matter of food in this place but also of the comfortable, friendly and homely feeling which accompanies the process of dining. The specialty of the restaurant are the pulled pork and brisket soaked in its own specialty sauces.
  • Selden Standard: The food lovers that love to eat new and modern foods should visit Selden Standard as it is a heaven for food fanatics. This is a boutique bistro known for its tiny plates and local produce which represents a culinary experience. Their carefully created craft cocktails pair well with their divine cuisine.
  • Lafayette Coney Island: One will have to eat the popular Coney dogs in order to feel the aroma of Detroit’s history at Lafayette Coney Island. For years now, customers have been enjoying eating Detroit-style hotdogs with chili, mustard and onion topping on it making it among the notable gastronomy monuments.
  • Supino Pizzeria: The supino pizzeria will delight pizza lovers. This place is popularly known for its thin crust pizza and provides a distinctly Detroit variation of an Italian original. Its fresh and quality toppings make it popular among both local residents and tourists who come here.
  • Vicente's Cuban Cuisine: Take a stroll down Havana in Vicente’s Cuban cuisine. At the Vicente, you find everything Cuban, including tasty traditional dishes to exciting salsa nights. The joyous Cuban vibe is personified by their tasty dishes especially the seafood paella, live band accompanying and dancing.


Delights Inside Little Caesars Arena 

In Detroit game day is an event, how then can you celebrate the event if not with iconic foods inside Little Caesar Arena. This food is an indication of how culturally varied the city loves to have comforting and filling foods.

  • Detroit-style Pizza: The thick, full-flavored and extra cheese “Detroit”-style pizza should be in every game-day menu. It has a square form of its shape, crispy crust, and cheese stretching all over its edge make it special compared to any other variety of pizza.
  • Hockeytown Burger: It is a tribute towards the big-hearted fans and supporters of the people of Detroit’s city with an appetite bigger than their hearts. It is juicy and rich; a tribute to the sport that is in sync with the soul of the city.
  • Gourmet Tacos: The gourmet tacos in the arena have great flavors that represent the culinary diversity of the city. The freshness and vibrancy of their foods speak for themselves as a manifestation of the city’s cosmopolitanism.
  • Poutine: As such, poutine enjoys its love amongst the locals celebrating Detroit’s proximity to Canada. This comforting classic, a mix of two cuisines, combines fries, cheese curds, and gravy.
  • Local Craft Beer: A cold beer is an indispensable element at a game day; the variety of regional craft beers featured in the arena showcases what this area has to offer the best. Beer lovers will enjoy anything from hoppy IPAs to smooth stouts.


Drinks and Detroit's Nightlife

As the sun goes down, one is greeted by a variety of options for enjoying Detroit at nights with bars being among them including classy cocktails and even old times speakeasies. Every spot has different concoction of drinks, ambience, and melodies.

Top Cocktail Bars in Detroit:

  • The Sugar House: The vast cocktail list and old school romantic feel make it one of most popular joints in the town. Their carefully brewed cocktails will excite both seasoned drinkers and newbies in the field. Check them out.
  • The Last Word: Last Word is a retreat from the hustling bustles of the city and lies hidden in the side road. It’s an excellent place if you love some great rare spirits and have a thing for the Prohibition era. Moreover, it is great with jazz as there are shows on select nights.
  • Two James Spirits: Two James Spirits is one of them – it’s a distiller-cum-bar which is one of the leading frontier spirits’ makers in Detroit at its heart. The visitors would be treated with a backstage experience of the distillation process, followed by an opportunity to try the expertly made cocktails.
  • Bad Luck Bar: This is definitely an upscale spot that introduces some sort of luxury into Detroit’s cocktail scene. The Bad Luck Bar offers uncommon finds coupled with premium drinks for people who feel like spending some extra cash.
  • The Keep: The Keep, a charming venue, is nestled in the heart of Detroit downtown, under the ground. In spite of being in a quiet environment, this bar has great classic cocktails for you to have a relaxing end of your hectic day.


Top 5 High-End Accommodations in Detroit

Amongst the hum of activities, culture and revitalization of Detroit is a host of high end accommodation promising you of a great experience when staying within the city. However, these are not just resting places but depict history, beauty, and modern movement of Detroit. This offers an impeccable concoction of old architectural features of the city and contemporary luxury, targeting clients with desire for extravagance at highest standards.

Detroit’s best luxury hotels listed in no particular order to reflect different aspects of this diverse city: The hotel provides more than just a comfortable stay from there are historic buildings which have alluded to how great our past was, modern facilities which offer spectacular city and river views. Their guests are made to feel close the heartbeat of Detroit even if they have come to enjoy a match of sports, take an exciting cultural trip or just have time off eating and pampering themselves at the spa. Explore the pampering of these prestigious places and locate an ideal dwelling place for your superb travel through Detroit.

  • The Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center: Located in the skyline of Detroit River, this Marriott stands high above the place providing spectacular views of both the river and city. Going to Little Caesars Arena is easily accessible and within short distances thus an ease to those watching games. Amenities: Contemporary rooms with full height windows, luxury beds, fitness center, varied choices on dining, and leading class conference facilities. Unique Factor: Guests are situated within General Motors Renaissance Center complex that provides them with an opportunity to visit different shops, eateries and entertainment options.
  • The Westin Book Cadillac Detroit: The historic hotel renovated using Italian renaissance style. It creates a fusion of luxurious Detroit heritage. Amenities: It has classy rooms and apartments, an indoor swimming pool, state of art spa facilities, multiple restaurants, and a modern gym. Unique Factor: Home of the acclaimed celeb-chef Michael Symons’ steak, ROAST. Book now!
  • MotorCity Casino Hotel: For those who would like to continue their night of fun after a game, this place provides a glamorous casino together with the five star services. Amenities: Modern rooms, gaming casino, live music, many eating places, including award-winning buffet and the spa. Unique Factor: Each space has its own musical theme that reflects Detroit’s historical background in music. Book now!
  • MGM Grand Detroit: A smart hotel with active nightlife and fine dining for individuals searching for something more than just hockey games. Amenities: Classy rooms, suits, casino, concerts, clubs, numerous restaurants, and peaceful spa. Unique Factor: Here you find the only resort-style spa of Southeast Michigan for relaxing after an exciting match. Check them out.
  • Aloft Detroit at The David Whitney: This is a luxury hotel that resides in the iconic David Whitney building and combines classic aesthetics with contemporary fashion. Amenities: Lofty room, gym open round-the clock and hip social scene right at W XYZ bar. Unique Factor: Nearby destinations include Comerica Park, Ford Field, and Fox Theatre. Book now!


Top 5 Budget-Friendly Accommodations in Detroit

A visit to Detroit should not be expensive even in terms of lodging services and hence discovering Detroit doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Travelers are invited to discover the city’s varied cultural fabric, heritage sites, pulsating arts, and myriad of affordable hotels with a twist of authenticity within their budget. These are trendy boutique hotels embedded with local arts or budget ones focusing on cultural exchange in which travellers do not compromise for costs.

We’ve rounded up of the best 5 affordable lodging in Detroit hereunder. These are noteworthy with specific characters and additional benefits worth it while up the spirit of the city. These are some of the affordable stays for you whether you are a street explorer, a culture fanatic or just visiting for some local feelings.

  • Trumbull & Porter Hotel Detroit: Trendy and artistic, but reasonably priced boutique hotel in the historic Corktown neighborhood. Amenities: Custom furnishing, a modern gymnasium, bicycles for renting and an open air beer-garden. Unique Factor: Featuring local artwork and often features live music and events. Check it out.
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites Detroit Downtown: This hotel is conveniently situated offering comfort at affordable prices which make it suitable for the budget-conscious travelers. Amenities: Free continental breakfast, an indoor swimming pool, fitness centre and a free shuttle service throughout the area attractions. Unique Factor: The central location offers many options like walking to restaurants, shopping or entertaining. Learn more.
  • Detroit Foundation Hotel: Affordable luxury with deep ties to the city and its culture. Amenities: The Apparatus Room, exquisitely arranged rooms, a fitness center, and fantastic cuisine. Unique Factor: Located in the old Detroit Fire Department Headquarters, celebrating Detroit tenacity and heritage. Check it out.
  • Comfort Inn Downtown Detroit: Simplicity as well as convenience for those looking for no extras but comfort alone. Amenities: This includes complimentary breakfast, free high speed internet, and also a shuttle service to various popular destination areas nearby. Unique Factor: Situated off the Detroit River walk, where people can take a leisurely stroll and view scenic sights along the shore. Book now!
  • Hostel Detroit: This is a low-cost, non-profit that offers backpacking tours within local communities. Amenities: Budget houses and lodging; sharing or private rooms, community kitchens, local tourist guides. Unique Factor: Its ambassador’s showcase its history, art, and cuisine assuring a culturally fulfilling visit. More information here.


Best things to do in the city of Detroit

Whether you are a newbie in town or one of the pioneers of the Motor City, there is no better place to be than Detroit with its colorful history, exciting environment and refurbished parks. Famous for its art, music, business and other major developments, Detroit has many things to offer that give it life; an innovative culture. The city is full of activities – from globally-renowned museums to miles of urban parks. The following is a list of the five key highlights of the area, which will ensure memories which are never to be forgotten.

  • Explore the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA): Known as one of America's most significant art collections, the DIA is home to over 65,000 artworks, including Diego Rivera's world-renowned "Detroit Industry Murals." Visitors can explore a multitude of galleries, ranging from ancient to modern art, reflecting the city's diverse cultural legacy.
  • Visit the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation and Greenfield Village: This sprawling museum complex allows you to witness America's tradition of ingenuity. Discover the true stories of pioneers, explore the home of the Wright Brothers, and even see the chair Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in. The outdoor Greenfield Village brings 300 years of American history to life with authentic exhibits. More information here.
  • Experience the Detroit Riverfront: The revitalized Detroit Riverfront offers miles of parks, restaurants, and a spectacular view of the Detroit skyline. Ideal for walking, cycling, or relaxing, it's a place where art installations and seasonal events, like summer concerts and winter festivals, continually offer new experiences.
  • Take a tour at the Motown Museum: Step into the birthplace of the Motown Sound. The Motown Museum, housed in the original Hitsville U.S.A. building, offers an intimate, guided tour where visitors can learn about the record label that launched artists like Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, and the Jackson 5, and even see Studio A, where these artists recorded their hits.
  • Discover Belle Isle Park: A 982-acre island park in the Detroit River, Belle Isle is home to a stunning conservatory, a nature center, walking trails, and even a beach. Visit the Belle Isle Aquarium, the oldest in the country, or spend time at the Dossin Great Lakes Museum, exploring the region's maritime history. It's a perfect spot for picnics, sporting activities, and serene views of the surrounding waters.

Beyond the Game After that, visit Detroit’s cultural sites and tourist spots to complete your memorable weekend. The city offers a wide variety of culturally diverse sites such as the Detroit Institute of Art and the Motown Museum. Visit the Michigan Science Center for a glimpse of the planet’s evolutionary journey; and Detroit Historical Museum to better appreciate the past, present, as well as the future of this great industrial city. Since weather in Detroit is often unpredictable, one should consider checking weather forecasts and dress accordingly. Celebrate your red wings game day by purchasing official merchandise or local memorabilia to give you a permanent souvenir of your visit to the legendary Michigan’s capital city. Conclusion: However, this is not merely a sporting event as you embark on a journey into the soul of Detroit – welcome to your debut Red Wings game at Little Caesars Arena. As soon as you enter the city, each scene, auditory sensation, and flavor reflect the hardy soul of the Detroit’s culture. Put on your red wings attire and be prepared to have more than just an epic hockey night! If you enjoyed this content and are planning to travel to other rinks, check out similar articles here.