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Whether you're a fan of the game, a DFS strategist, or a season-long manager, our platform is your one-stop resource for all things hockey.

From casual fans to DFS pros to season-long managers, our platform is designed to make your hockey research more efficient and enjoyable.

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At 5v5 Hockey, we envision a future where your engagement with hockey and fantasy sports is not just simplified but also enriched. Through the talents of our large development team and the invaluable insights from our community, we aim to consistently create value and innovate in a way that transforms how you interact with the sports you love. Your ideas aren't just welcomed; they're the building blocks for the next generation of hockey analytics and fantasy sports tools.

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Playing DFS for years, one of my struggles was having to spend hours going to multiple websites to gather information and data that will aid in building my lineups. Having a background in data analytics, I would then create a bunch of calculations in excel to develop nightly projections. With this in mind, 5v5 was built to be your one-stop shop and to significantly reduce your build time. What makes us unique? We fuel all of our projections based off our proprietary 5v5 matchup score.
Welcome to your ultimate source for advanced hockey analytics! Our website is dedicated to taking your hockey viewing experience to the next level with our unique and comprehensive data views. With our tools, you'll be able to slice and dice information for your favorite team like never before, gaining new insights and discovering exciting trends. Our site is built on a coding framework which allows us to bring data to your fingertips with speed. Click the hockey section to check out our tools.
Season Long
Everything you need to know week to week as it relates to your season long teams. Advanced data fueled by our matchup tools. Section to be under construction and ready for the 2023-2024 season. If there's a tool or idea you would like to bring to life, please contact us and we will build it into our roadmap.

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